School Support Options Program

Let us support your family’s education goals

Heritage Christian School offers home-schooled and public school students the option to enroll in up to three middle school courses at Heritage Christian School.

Mission and Goal

Our Mission at Heritage is to partner with parents to provide biblically faithful, academically excellent education opportunities for their children. It is our desire to encourage and support parents as they fulfill their God-given responsibility for the education of their children (Proverbs 22:6). We are excited to offer teachers, resources, services, equipment, and books to assist families who may be homeschooling or seeking alternative instruction in certain subject areas.

Benefits for Students and Parents

  • Certified Instructional Staff
  • Small class size
  • Weekly Chapels and extracurricular activities
  • School transcripts and records provided


  • Students in grades 7-8 are eligible to apply. Students may enroll in 1-3 classes (3 maximum)
  • Admission into some classes is based on admission testing

Admissions Process

  • Complete an Admissions Application with nonrefundable application fee ($100)
  • Submit a copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Submit a copy of student’s records and a copy of standardized test scores (if taken) from the previous complete school year
  • Submit signed Statement of Commitment to Parent Student Handbook
  • Interview with the Head of School
  • Placement testing (if necessary)
  • Classes assigned upon availability
  • Once the student is accepted, the following information must be completed and turned into the office
    • Official Certificate of Immunization
    • Registration Paperwork
      • Field Trip and Medical Release Form
      • Health Form or Athletic Physical
      • Emergency Contact Information
      • Permission for Publication of Student Work/Pictures
      • Enrollment Contract
      • Grandparent Information
      • IT Acceptable Use Form
      • Certificate of Dental Screening

Fee Schedule

  • $1,000 per class, per school year
  • $100 application fee (applied to tuition if enrolling in 2 or more classes)

School Responsibilities

  • Heritage Christian School will provide qualified, certified instructors for each class who are godly mentors and role models. All of our teachers meet stringent professional, personal, spiritual, and state standards.
  • Heritage Christian School will provide appropriate textbooks for each class to students.
  • Standardized tests are available for students to take each year (Heritage takes the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress [ISASP] tests in English/Language Arts and Math every year and Science in the 8th grade).

Parent Responsibilities

  • As educational partners with Heritage Christian School, parents should familiarize themselves with Heritage’s education philosophies, Mission and Vision, Core Values, and Statement of Faith
  • Parents must pick up students within 15 minutes of class dismissal
  • If the student is going to be absent, the school must be notified.
  • All fees must be paid (FACTS Tuition Service or lump-sum payment)

Student Responsibilities

  • All students are expected to arrive promptly for the start of class.
  • All guidelines for full time HCS students are required for school support options students (including dress code).
  • All students are responsible to be aware of special days that could change class times
  • All students are welcome to attend weekly chapels
  • All students are eligible to participate in Heritage extracurricular activities including Band, Choir, and Athletics

Courses Available

  • 7th Literature
  • 8th Literature
  • 7th Language Arts
  • 8th Language Arts
  • 7th Science
  • 8th Science
  • 7th Math – Pre Algebra
  • 8th Math – Algebra
  • 7th Bible
  • 8th Bible
  • 7th World History
  • 8th  U.S. History
  • 7th / 8th Electives (Art, PE, and Computer/Technology)*

* Students take each of the three electives for one trimester only

Call for current class times and availability.  2021-22 class schedules and times will be available after June 1.

Student Support Application