Who can participate? Everyone

What is it? You can purchase gift cards to your favorite retailers and earn a rebate towards your tuition. There are hundreds of retailers available. There is additional information on the website.

How do I order? Orders are done on-line at You must set up your account with the Heritage Christian School enrollment code-DD7B153F1929.

What is the schedule? ScripNow can be ordered at any time and available within minutes to your account. Scrip Wallet (from your smart phone) can be ordered at any time and available shortly after purchase. Plastic cards can be ordered once a month on Monday evenings by 7 pm and can be picked up the following Monday morning in the school office. The Plastic card order schedule is communicated monthly by the Trip/Scrip Coordinator.

Who can I contact with questions? Please contact Jen Traetow (HCS Trip/Scrip Coordinator at or on her cell phone 319-936-0092.