RaiseRight (TRIP/SCRIP Program)

Save Money On Tuition
Gift card purchasing is an AWESOME way to earn money back for tuition.

Who can participate? Everyone

How it works:
Earn tuition dollars by purchasing gift cards at face value
Shop 750+ top stores and earn up to 20% on every gift card you buy. You could earn anywhere from $500 to $1000.00 on tuition every year.

Use gift cards at full value for your daily purchases
Earn money simply by doing everyday things—like grabbing your morning coffee, buying groceries, holiday shopping or treating your family to dinner.

How to get started
Create an account on the RaiseRight app or at RaiseRight.comusing our organization’s enrollment code: 2D48D6251929

Seamlessly check out and receive eGift cards faster by securely paying online with a linked bank account or credit card.

Have questions? Contact: Chrissy Middle at hcstripscripcoodinator@gmail.com

RaiseRight Flyer

RaiseRight Instructions

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