Heritage Stories

Jake and Katrina Cannon

Heritage Parents

In a neighborhood within Johnson County, Iowa one can find an unexpected treasure… Heritage Christian School. A school devoted to a Christ-centered education and academic excellence. We are blessed to partner with Heritage on our path of obedience to raise up children that glorify God and in our responsibility to see that they are receiving an academic education.

We very much appreciated our public education at Lincoln and Kirkwood Elementary and Northwest Junior High in the 1980s. However, we wanted our children to experience an education where Christ is at the center.

Our experience with Heritage began with Jake’s younger brother attending in the 1990s as one of the first classes to graduate in 1998. Then our nieces and nephew began attending. During these years, we saw the school grow and improve. It was through the testimony of their experiences that we desired our children would also graduate from Heritage one day.

Now our three children at Heritage (soon to be four) are learning to glorify God while participating in a first-class academic education. The children are learning biblical principles and experiencing Christian love from teachers and staff in their community. This is happening at an institution that has achieved something of great value to us, an accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) demonstrating a commitment to educating for life and preparing for eternity.

Heritage is unashamed of the Gospel truth as they teach knowledge from a biblical world view. We know that Heritage does not take its mission lightly as we see this mission come through in what our children talk about and bring home on a daily basis. You can see this mission in action too when you visit the school, go on a field trip, or attend a Heritage event. Of recent note, the Veteran’s Day Celebration at Heritage was a resounding rally around liberty, service to country, and ultimately the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

When asked a question on her homework “Why did God choose to create you?”, our daughter wrote “He chose to create me to praise and glorify Him.” Wouldn’t it be awesome if more children could have the opportunity to learn this truth? We are so thankful for those who founded Heritage, those that have supported Heritage, and the ones running Heritage today. We feel privileged to continue to volunteer and invest in Heritage to see that it remains a strong beacon of light for our children and future children in our community.

Proverbs 22:6

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

 Doorn photo

 Jon and Deb Doorn

Heritage Parents

Following our move from Colorado to Iowa about 13 years ago, we sought out options for Christian education for our son, who would be starting Pre-K. We were invited to attend an Education for Eternity event and learned how Heritage integrates faith with its curriculum. The school was not simply private instruction with a Christian emphasis, but instead, offered a Christ-centered education to equip young people for a life of service to God. Based on what we learned, we decided to enroll each of our 3 children in Pre-K through 8th grade and feel so blessed to have had such an opportunity. Hearing the kids recite memory verses in the car on the way to school (what an awesome way to start the day!) and talk about how faith impacts their life are just a couple examples of how Christ-centered the education is at Heritage. The school has a well-written mission and vision guiding the thoughtful, and Christian approach to equipping children to be servant leaders. One can point to events such as Operation GOOD (service) and the pals program (leadership, character development) to see this mission and vision in action. Over the years, we have been so impressed with all the teachers – every single one has been in tune to the learning needs of our 3 children, who are so very different. In addition, each teacher has worked to strengthen the faith of our children and encourage them in their walk with God. It is evident they see their role at Heritage to impact the world for Christ and have sacrificed (e.g., finances, much time) to enthusiastically take part in this mission. We have nurtured our children’s faith by partnering with Heritage and now pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in their hearts.


 Matt and Jen Traetow

Heritage Parents

Growing up with a Christian education, we sought out a Christian school when we moved to the Iowa City area about 12 years ago. We were thrilled to find Heritage but a little hesitant considering the financial impact to our young family. However, in part to our own experience going to Christian schools, we knew how important it was to have Christ embedded in our children’s lives not just at home but by teachers, friends and a community who together rejoice in God’s free gift of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. Heritage Christian School has more than exceeded our expectations. Through Christ’s presence, teachers and administration have demonstrated His will in this school. Daily prayers, devotion, and God’s Word are intertwined in all the basic subjects and used to assist our children in defending their faith in the world. We can’t recognize the teachers enough. Every single one has impacted our children and demonstrated an unwavering faith, genuine sincerity, God-fearing humility and exceptional commitment that is only evident when God’s presence and His word are at the heart of their mission. They genuinely love and pursue excellence from every child and for that we are grateful. We are so thankful for the generosity of all Christian men and women who not only contributed to the Christian education we received growing up, but now to those who support Heritage Christian School and its Christ centered mission. We continue to give thanks for the light this school has been in our community and the impact its students will make on generations to come.

Robinson Family Photo

Mark and Heather Robinson

Heritage Parents

When we were first married, we were not Christians. By God’s grace, we became Christians about two years before our first child was born. Of course, becoming parents causes reflection and introspection on a new level. We both look back at our childhoods in our own public school days and realize that God’s teachings were vaguely assumed at best, and contradicted or ridiculed at worst.
We actually registered Rachel for Kindergarten at three different schools. After feeling a quiet yet persistent nudge, we cancelled the other two registrations (in tears) and chose Heritage, sensing that God was at work. God’s provision of grace was soon obvious, more so each year.
The Heritage teachers and administrators pour themselves into each child. Their hearts ache for them to know God and grow closer to Him. The philosophy of partnering with parents in training a child in the way he or she should go resonates with us. We know God charged us, not the school, with raising our children. We also know that education that does not acknowledge God is senseless. Rachel’s first grade teacher said it best, “There is no truth apart from God.”
Heritage teachers are engaged with and interested in each one of our kids. They attend their activities, send them cards of encouragement, even in the summer, and beyond their years at Heritage. Heritage is an investment in our children’s lives that we have been more than glad to make. We have experienced God’s blessings through our choice time and again, eagerly awaiting what He has in store for our family in the future.



Doug and Brenda Wichhart

Heritage Parents

Heritage has been a big part of our lives since our oldest daughter, Ellie, started kindergarten 12 years ago. Having attended Christian schools ourselves, we knew the value of Christian education and wanted the same for our three children. We are so grateful to have Heritage Christian School in this community to assist us in the academic instruction of our children, all in an environment that honors the truth of God’s word. As our girls have entered high school we’ve seen that they are well prepared academically and have been taught to be self-disciplined and respectful to their peers and teachers. In addition to the strong academics and spiritual development, we’ve also appreciated Heritage’s role in creating a love for music in our children through the band and Heritage Singers programs. The opportunities that the athletic program offers for all students to develop their skills in a variety of sports has also been a blessing. But perhaps the greatest joy for our family has been the caring staff at Heritage. Because of the relationships they’ve cultivated with students outside of school, our girls see that following after Christ is not reserved just for the classroom. We encourage you to consider a contribution to the Heritage Annual Fund so more students can continue to benefit from a Christian education that supports our mission as parents to raise children who love and serve Jesus Christ. At Heritage, our children are not only learning what that means but also seeing that modeled in those around them.


schau family

Anthony and Kim Schau

Heritage Parents

Although we were not intentionally seeking out a Christian Education before our eldest started kindergarten, attending a Heritage banquet solidified what we wanted for our children. One of the teachers that spoke commented that each day at Heritage starts out with a devotion and prayer. What a wonderful way to begin each day! Heritage has reinforced and encouraged what we are trying to teach our children, both from home and at church. Our children get to spend their day at school in a Godly environment full of educators and support staff that exemplifies respectfulness, and a genuine Christian love for each child at the school. The academic standard is very high at Heritage, but more importantly, it’s teaching of strong Christian values has helped our entire family to grow in our will to live for Christ. When I asked our daughter Kia, a high school senior, about the impact of Heritage, she responded,“Heritage was and still is a second family to me. Everything around me was taught in a loving, respectful way that made me feel safe and secure. It reinforced my faith in God and prepared me well for high school.” The value to our family of being at Heritage cannot be given a dollar amount. It is incomparable to any other options that we have and it’s an investment that will be a life-long treasure for us all. We thank you and encourage you to prayerfully consider donating to the future of Heritage Christian School so that other children will be prepared academically and emotionally to share the love of Christ with others.



Eric and Melea Ballou

Heritage Parents


We first learned of Heritage when we lived in a different city and a friend of ours that attended church in North Liberty told us about the school. They introduced us to friends of theirs who attended Heritage and highly recommended it…Not only were we getting great reviews from friends, friends of friends, but even a complete stranger! Heritage has truly been a blessing to our family. It is such a blessing to have teachers and a staff that helps raise our child in a Christ centered environment.


Kelly Family

The Kelly Family

From Left to Right: John Michael, Chelsea, Margie, Timothy and Mike


’02 Alumna

Following my graduation from Heritage, I attended high school at City High, then received an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University. Currently, I am pursuing a master’s degree at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. Through each phase of my education, I have noticed how well Heritage prepared me from a purely academic standpoint. Heritage taught me things that my peers had not learned in their elementary and junior high educations, and as a result I was well-prepared for the challenges of higher education. But beyond that and far more importantly, I found that Heritage instilled in me the knowledge that my faith is not just one compartment among many in my life but is in fact the foundation for everything I learn and say and do. Heritage taught me Jesus in every school subject and helped me understand that He is Lord over all.

John Michael

’09 Alumnus

On top of Heritage having a solid Christ-centered focus, it also is very strong in terms of academics. I feel the background I received at Heritage prepared me well for academic success in my later schooling at West High and Northwestern University. As one example, the grammar instruction I received at Heritage far exceeded that of other area elementary schools. Due to this instruction, I had no difficulty learning to write well at a high school or collegiate level. All in all, I am very happy with the education I received from Heritage.


’11 Alumnus

My favorite aspect of Heritage is the way that it prepares its students for every facet of later education and life. Most importantly, of course, Heritage provides a strong spiritual foundation, giving students the firmness in their faith needed to combat the evils and temptations of the real world through reading and memorization of Scripture, prayer, and a strong Christian community. It allowed me to see the way in which God works in everything and how present He is in all circumstances, which is both important and also comforting and exciting. In addition to this spiritual foundation, Heritage allowed me to make great friendships thanks to a small, close-knit class and a very unintimidating environment and to become much better in social situations. My education was incredibly strong thanks to knowledgeable teachers who really care about their students and who want them to get the best out of their schooling. Heritage built in me a good work ethic and helped me grow up in the LORD, and for that I am extremely grateful.