Reflections from Interim Head of School Greg Gilbaugh

As the Interim Head of School this year, I want to thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in the education and preparation of your children to be able to think, act, speak, and live not only now, but in the many years to come. As many of you have become aware, my background in dentistry, business, and ministry is not the usual resume for a Head of School. However, with eight of my nine children having attended Heritage, my experience with the school has depth. As a parent, I developed an appreciation for what Heritage was doing year after year. Now, being on the inside and seeing the daily workings of the school, I want to share with you some of my observations.

The school is better than you realize. Watching the teachers and staff carry out their responsibilities has been encouraging to say the least.  As I walk through the halls, sit in on classrooms, watch the instruction given and the interaction of teachers with students, I am very pleased with how things are going.  This team works well together and really delivers on being academically sharp and biblically faithful.

As parents, I want you to be even more encouraged than you already are.

The teachers work harder than you realize. It is common for the teachers to work on their responsibilities during the evening or weekend hours. Why? Mostly because they care. They care about your kids. They care about teaching them. They take seriously their calling to teach your kids…at this school…at this time…and they give a great deal of themselves to make sure that it happens.

As parents, I want you to be even more encouraged than you already are.

As the Head of School, I need to do more than I realize. When I took on this responsibility at Heritage, I said that my focus was going to be primarily on the teachers. I believe that if I can impact and develop the teachers, then they will impact and influence the students. It was my wife, Laura, that wisely asked me, “If you impact the teachers, and the teachers impact the students, what about the parents? If the parents are not impacted this year, then will this year be a success?”

I love it when she talks like that.

Yes, I am thinking and praying about what I could and should be doing in order to make this year impactful for you as parents. After all, we are partnering with each other on a great mission, so how about having the parents be transformed and encouraged as well!

And finally, although Heritage is really good, realize that the best is yet to come. The heart and soul of every organization is found in the people. Policy manuals, systems, procedures, and tools are all beneficial to an organization. Give a poor team everything that they need, and they will maybe become mediocre at best. Give a talented and committed group of people average supplies and they will still deliver a good result.

But what if you have a great team AND excellent resources and tools to work with?

That’s what we are building here.

For the sake of the student. For the sake of the family. For the sake of the community. For the sake of generations to come.

Thanks for letting us partner with you on this incredible adventure!

Dr. Greg Gilbaugh

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  1. This makes my heart so happy to know Collins Sundblad is able to be at Heritage Christian School every day. I am thankful that the Lord provided her parents with the means to make this happen. Conley and Shay gave Wayne and I the opportunity years back when they entered PreK to experience Christian education again as we did at Regina High School back in the late 60’s. We are thankful to be a part of the Heritage Christian Community and treasure our times in the building with the staff and students.

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