Inclement Weather Procedures

The following is critical information related to how the school operates during inclement weather. There are three scenarios in which the normal school day may be adjusted:

  1. School delay or “late start” — When a late start is determined, classes will begin at 9:45 a.m. Most other schools delay by two hours. Our delay is always 90 minutes. When a late start is determined students should arrive to school no earlier than 9:30 a.m. If there is a delayed start due to weather, the Before and After School Program is always cancelled. Late start has potential to become a full-day school cancellation.
  2. School cancellation — Continue to watch the media after determination of late start is made.
  3. Early dismissal — Parents will receive a text through Parent Alert by the school office to inform them of the time school will be dismissed.

All cancellations, late starts and early dismissals will be announced through a text message via Parent Alert and in the media. Channels to watch or websites to check are KCRG 9, KWWL 7 and KGAN 2. We recommend you first check the media’s website under school cancellations. To make sure early dismissal runs smoothly, please make sure the office has current home, cell and work numbers along with emergency contact information. Call the school at 626-4777 with any updates. Always know if weather conditions deteriorate during the day and you are concerned about road conditions, you are welcome to pick up your child early. If you have questions related to inclement weather and how it affects the school day, please call the office. To assist you in knowing about school cancellations, KCRG offers the following FREE service that will alert you with Heritage school cancellations, delays and late starts. Sign up at by clicking on “MOBILE” in the upper left corner and scrolling to the bottom of the page where it says “TEXT Alerts Free.” Fill out the page and click “Submit”


Winter Recess Information:

  • Pre-kindergarten students do not go outside for recess during the winter season
  • Recess is inside for all students when the windchill is below 0
  • Heritage uses for current temperature and all other weather information
  • If the temperature is to be at or above 0 degrees Farehheit please remember to send your children to school with the following winter attire: winter coat, mittens/gloves, hat, scarf, boots (if snow on the ground)
  • If there is snow on the ground and students do not bring winter boots, they will not be allowed in the snow, but be required to stay on the sidewalk during outside recess

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