ACSI Math Olympics and Creative Writing Festival Results

In 1 Corinthians 12:4-7, we read,

“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit, and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone. To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.”

Each of our students have been created by God with a variety of gifts. Some have been given gifts of creativity, others athletic gifts, others gifts of compassion, and others gifts of music. Whatever gifts we have received, we are called to use them for His Kingdom and glory. This winter, our students were given an opportunity to demonstrate their gifts in the areas of writing and math, through two competitions organized by ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). For the ACSI Math Olympics, students took a series of qualifying math tests to determine who would compete regionally. For the Creative Writing competition, the students in middle school were asked to submit their top writing piece according to the qualifications determined by ACSI. In celebration and thanksgiving for the math and writing gifts God has blessed these students with, we would to recognize the following students.

ACSI Creative Writing Competition

Eno Ituk – 6th Grade Poetry – Good Rating

Idara Ituk – 6th Grade Poetry – Good Rating

Abigail O’Rear – 6th Grade Poetry – Excellent Rating

Nancy Nahra – 7th Grade Poetry – Excellent Rating

Liona Rocca – 7th Grade Short Story – Excellent Rating

Kufre Ituk – 8th Grade Short Story – Excellent Rating


ACSI Math Olympics Computation Participants

Avery Babbitt – 3rd Grade

Brian Holman – 3rd Grade

Cody Maddux – 3rd Grade

Jackson Adam – 4th Grade

Anjali Mehzir – 4th Grade

Caroline Cooper – 5th Grade

Andrew Rotzoll – 5th Grade

Grant Wardenburg – 5th Grade

Eno Ituk – 6th Grade

Idara Ituk – 6th Grade

Abigail O’Rear – 6th Grade

Zander Edkin – 7th Grade

Corey Holman – 7th Grade

Nancy Nahra – 7th Grade

Connor Ahrens – 8th Grade

Sophia Doorn – 8th Grade

Adu Habte – 8th Grade

Kufre Ituk – 8th Grade


ACSI Math Olympics Reasoning Participants

Clark Cannon – 3rd Grade

Molly Miller – 3rd Grade

Garrett Sandersfeld – 3rd Grade

Mitchell Holman – 4th Grade

Jayce Norpel – 4th Grade

Rylen Schweitzer – 4th Grade

Peyton Liu – 5th Grade

Malinee Mezhir – 5th Grade

Raymond Jessop – 5th Grade

Zachary Ahrens – 6th Grade

Warren Murphy – 6th Grade

Sarah Robinson – 6th Grade

Aubrey Miller – 7th Grade

Aurora Norpel – 7th Grade

Andrew Stultz – 7th Grade

Gunnar Gingerich – 8th Grade

Chase Loftus – 8th Grade

Jordan Robinson – 8th Grade

Hunter Schau – 8th Grade


Additionally, we would like to congratulate the following students who placed in the top five for their grade levels in the regional competition. Congratulations!

Avery Babbitt – 3rd Place – 3rd Grade Computation

Garrett Sandersfeld – 4th Place – 3rd Grade Reasoning

Jackson Adam – 4th Place – 4th Grade Computation

Anjali Mezhir – 2nd Place – 4th Grade Computation

Rylen Schwietzer – 3rd Place – 4th Grade Reasoning

Jayce Norpel – 2nd Place – 4rd Grade Reasoning

Caroline Cooper – 5th Place – 5th Grade Computation

Raymond Jessop – 4th Place – 5th Grade Reasoning

Peyton Liu – 3rd Place – 5th Grade Reasoning

Corey Holman – 1st Place – 7th Grade Computation

Zander Edkin – 5th Place – 7th Grade Computation

Aubrey Miller – 1st Place – 7th Grade Reasoning

Sophia Doorn – 5th Place – 8th Grade Computation

Adu Habte – 3rd Place – 8th Grade Computation

Jordan Robinson 1st Place – 8th Grade Reasoning