10 Reasons to Choose Heritage Pre-K

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Here are a few things you may not know about Pre-K at Heritage!

1. Extended care with Mrs. Peters

Between Pre-K pick-up and K-8 dismissal (1:40-3:25pm), Pre-K students can stay in their Pre-K classroom and play. (The Before and After School Program is also available for Pre-K through 8th grade from 7-8am and 3:25-5:30pm)

2. Field Trips


Pre-K classes go on many hands-on, fun field trips just like the big kids. Parents are always invited!

3. Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Super are the best Pre-K teachers around

Both teachers are state certified, have four-year degrees and over 10 years of experience. Mrs. Super and Mrs. Peters have a genuine passion for education and love for their students and for the Lord. We are proud to say that we have the best of the best here at Heritage.

4. ABC Music and Me


No need to pay for a Kindermusik class when you get Kindermusik curriculum at Heritage with Mrs. Munson!

5. Kindergarten won’t be so scary


Heritage Pre-K provides the structure of a classroom that is different from preschool. Students learn basic phonics, numbers, social skills and classroom behavior that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond!



PALS is a program at Heritage that pairs up younger students with older students. PALS get together at least once a month to do fun activities. These multi-age relationships bond our school across the classrooms and add to the tight-knit community that we love.

7. Grandparents Day

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Because who doesn’t want to have their grandparents come and hang out with them at school!?

8. Lunch

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Our pre-K classes eat lunch together every day at 11:20am. Students can come with a cold lunch from home, or purchase hot lunch that we have catered to the school every day.

9. iPads in the classroom


Technology in the classroom begins in Pre-K!

10. Lay a solid spiritual foundation

Last but not least, Christ is at the center of EVERYTHING we do at Heritage. Pre-K students at Heritage are memorizing scripture, singing praise songs and praying every single day they are at school. Pre-K classes go to chapel with the big kids on Fridays as well. These foundational years are so important and we take every opportunity to teach even the most basic concepts from a Biblical worldview.


(There were originally 10…but we couldn’t help but include another!)


11. Concerts


Four and five-year-olds perform music that they have been practicing and memorizing throughout the year. The concerts include the pre-K, kindergarten and first grade classes. It’s always a fun and adorable occasion!



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