8th Grade Essay – How has Heritage lived up to its mission?

Avery Loftus
8th Language
Miss Veenstra
May 12, 2020

Mission Statement

In life, just about everyone has a goal that they strive to achieve, or a knowledge for what they would succeed in doing later in life. Heritage Christian School is one of the many schools who have a mission statement, but Heritage’s statement stands out. Grounded in Christ, they strive to serve Him by partnering with parents to provide Biblically faithful, academically excellent education. By writing this statement for the school, Heritage agreed to showing and teaching students what it looks like to serve Christ through education. Accordingly, Heritage has taken this task and fulfilled the mission that has been placed before them, in many ways that have an enormous impact on students who attend Heritage.

Throughout every subject taught at Heritage, the teachers teach how Christ is involved in every subject, and how Christ shows Himself through those specific subjects. Realizing where Christ is in certain situations might be hard for some students to understand, but the teachers do a great job explaining where He is even in the hard times. Every class period, we, as students, have the opportunity to hear about Christ through lectures, videos, presentations, projects, assignments, and much more. Frequently, the teachers will ask students how they think Christ shows up, which gives us students a chance to voice our understanding and opinion on the topic.

When working with students and/or teaching their classes the teachers are always pushing students to do their best, which ends up in excellent education. The classes at Heritage are challenging students to think outside of an answer that might just pop into their heads. They challenge us to stretch our minds to more possibilities, and to better prepare us for our later life. When we are given an assignment, or simply having a discussion in class, the teachers challenge our minds with questions that make us think outside of the box and think critically. A specific question they might challenge us with is “What does your path look like with and without Christ?”. Challenged by this question, we are encouraged to be precise and critical with our answers and think deeply about it. Because of this, we are better prepared for circumstances in life where we would have to think outside of the quick answer, and it gives us a chance to show what we actually are capable of knowing.

Partnering with parents and working with parents to help teach students is an area in which Heritage thrives. Completed by parents and students, Heritage treats parents as a priority as well. Parents are involved in the school and definitely help enforce/teach what Heritage teaches about Christ, at home. Although the school is doing the formal teaching of subjects, Heritage recognizes the effort that parents put into their kid’s education as well. Without the help and support of parents at the school, Heritage would not be where it is now, and that is a huge aspect that Heritage Christian School respects and recognizes. Heritage sends emails to parents asking if anybody would be willing to help volunteer in certain activities, help plan events, or simply help out in the classroom, and Heritage also reaches out to parents asking if there is anything that they can do to help the parents and their families in any way. The Bible states that we should all love one another and work with one another to serve Christ, and Heritage has greatly represented this through the school.

With just a few reasons stated on how Heritage completes its mission, Heritage has shown that they have a love for Christ and a love for community in wanting excellent education for their students. Heritage Christian School strives to put God first and teach students the real meaning of Christianity through their everyday subjects in school. These parts of the school that Heritage works hard to achieve, are the same parts of the school that have the most genuine impact on students. Amazingly, Heritage has taught many students how to love Christ through their everyday education. Knowing Christ and knowing who He is in everything is a huge aspect of life, and Heritage demonstrates and teaches how to fulfill this in a tremendously encouraging and uplifting way.

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