What makes Heritage Christian School different from other Iowa City schools?

Heritage Christian School offers an educational model much different than other Iowa City schools. The Mission Statement of Heritage Christian School affirms education is to be Christ-centered and academically challenging while guiding children in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Students are held accountable to do their best at all times and in all things. They are taught facts revealed in Science and History and then taught to interpret them through what God’s Word says about the creation and sustenance of all things and the nature of man. They are taught the value of excellence in the language arts due to the responsibility of effective communication, both written and oral. They are taught to think critically, logically, and rationally. They are taught to love their neighbors as themselves, to love their enemies, to respect authority and one another, and to serve others before themselves. What makes this education so effective is the teachers that work side-by-side with parents, modeling consistent expectations as we prepare children for adulthood.

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